Willie Schuette Former: GM Tri-State Athletic Club

I have known Tony since 1999 when I was brought on as the GM for a Mid-Town Tennis clubs position in Evansville IN. Tony was a my new Fitness Director.

Tony has a motor and positive attitude that moves at a level that I  am envious of and he has been able to sustain that over the last 18 years I have know him. With that revving motor he has been able to sustain a high quality work ethic that allows him to accomplish what he desires.

Tony’s professional qualities speak for themselves, he has risen from personal trainer to fitness director to GM and now a regional director. Each step along his path Tony has had the 2 things I look for in quality people I would bring into an organization. Willingness and ability. When those two factor are brought together you have a superstar, he is a superstar. His willingness to take on all aspects required of him and to think outside of the box have been with him since we met. His ability to perform those tasks under supervision both micro managed and macro managed he has excelled.

His time at different club environments and variety of different managers has allowed him to understand all types of leadership and in return has given him a fresh perspective of the type of leader he wants to be.  Tony works best with a broad plan of attack and then let him develop the details. When he has a particular area of concern that needs to be addressed he will roll up his sleeves and dig deep to develop and implement a plan to turnaround that particular area of concern. He can go from Macro to micro in order to best address the situation at hand.

Tony has the ability to make adjustments based on needs of the organizations bottom line. He loves to look to future trends in the fitness area, the ability to research and then act quickly is a quality Tony has developed. His willingness to take action whether success or failure keeps driving him to excel.

Throughout the 18 years I have known him I have recruited him into my field, the compensation is much higher than the fitness industry but he has had no interest because  he is a fitness junkie , is now and always will be.

Tony’s, energy, enthusiasm, willingness and ability to drive production and energetic leadership into your business is guaranteed.

Warren Webb: VP Sales Visual Fitness Planner

I have been in the fitness industry on the vendor side for 16 years and of those years, I have had the pleasure to have known Tony for over 10 years. My working relationship with Tony has been solely on the Sales and Personal Training side of operations and what I have witnessed and encountered over the years is that Tony comes prepared. He knows and is acute of the “systems” that must run flawlessly to generate revenue for the clubs and retain clients for years to come, he gets the best out of his staff and his staff respects and appreciates his management style. I still work with a few of the club groups that Tony was involved with in the past and on those occasions that Tony’s name is brought up during conversations, there is nothing but praise and admiration for him, both on a personal and professional level.

Fr Ron Kreilein: Priest at Diocese of Evansville

Tony has helped me by providing a trainer for me at Bob's Gym. I have known him for at least a year and a half and he has been a super, honest, and wonderful person to be with. He is very dependable, kind, and a true professional who is always willing to lend a helping hand when needed. I would trust him with just about anything and will give him high remarks to whatever he is involved with. I am very proud to call him my friend. 

Ron Ryan: Executive Director at Boys & Girls Club

 Tony designed and installed our Fitness Center @ the new Boys & Girls Club. He volunteered his time and expertise to install a Center that would give under privileged children a place to work towards there own fitness goal. Tony was great to work with. 

Ines Naar: Owner at Home Video Studio Evansville

Tony is a detail oriented individual as a manager. Always looking for ways to do things better, very professional and is passionate about what he does. It was nice working with. 

Walter Pieper Panama: Hats by The Panador Hat Company, President

I can recommend Tony as an individual and as a service provider. His knowledge and skills are top notch. 

AdditionaDan (Danny) Botnik: General Manager, Hawthorn Farm Athletic Club & Spa

I had the opportunity to work directly with Tony at Club Northwest.Tony is a passionate health and wellness industry professional that leads teams with conviction,experience, and professionalism and provides the expertise to get the job done right.Tony came into our club environment and hit the ground running. Tony dramatically made changes in personal training, aquatics, and group exercise that resulted in quantifiable growth and also created a high producing personal training team that delivered outstanding service and sales results. Tony is a high energy spark and comes highly recommended. I appreciated his approachability and will miss our walks to Rainey Falls. His love of wellness and fitness speaks volumes to all staff by his personal example everyday.  Tony was a great colleague, a trusted partner and friend.